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Jimmy, a superstar King of Pops employee, slinging at a festival.
Steven CarseJan 19, 2023 10:02:59 AM1 min read

The only lesson that matters after a decade of hiring

Each year our seasonal business slows down as the weather cools. Hectic days turn into empty offices and dusty push carts. 

Our part-time staff drifts and no matter how early we start the hiring process the next season we find ourselves stressed about getting our team in place.

So here we are, mid-January and we're in the midst of another hiring push. 

Sure, it's a little bit different this year. We're trying to replace Jimmy our irreplaceable Atlanta GM, who will still be slinging pops on the streets of Atlanta, but now as a Cartrepreneur® (employees get a major discount on purchasing a franchise).

But it is always something. It is always dire, and it always feels like if we were just able to get these folks in place and trained up everything would be right in the world.

However, it isn't just about getting folks in place. It is about getting the right folks in the right place. 

If you do the former and not the latter, you'll have accomplished your task, but damage your brand. Or at the very least made things more difficult than they need to be.

We all know how valuable a great hire can be, yet when we get into the hiring process we are often talking ourselves into a candidate that isn't a great fit. Hoping that it might just miraculously work out. 

Be patient. Do less if you have to, but don't rush the hiring process.

Jimmy's are worth waiting for.

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