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Callie MurrayOct 20, 2020 12:32:48 PM1 min read

Birthdays Aren't Cancelled with Puddles

We've all tried really hard to make birthdays in the time of COVID not feel like birthdays in the time of COVID, but when it comes down to it, they've felt just really sad. 

We say this from deep personal experience, as our 10th birthday as a company was in April of this year. All of our big plans were scrapped, and we ate a cake on a zoom call. It was thoughtful, but it wasn't what we had in mind, ya know?

With this in mind, we decided to put our company mission (creating Unexpected Moments of Happiness) to work by reminding folks that birthdays don't have to be cancelled. We called our friend Puddles (you may know him from America's Got Talent or just Atlanta-cult-fame), who made this little video reminder for the community:



And then we chose one of the families in the comments of our post on Instagram to receive a b-day surprise. 

Ben & Katie have been super-strict about quarantine this year, as Katie's mom has lung cancer. Their 8-month-old has barely left the walls of his house in his short life, and their 4-year-old son has been bouncing off those walls. 

Ben & Katie usually celebrate their birthdays together, as they are just days apart, but this year for sure fell flat. 

We drove up to their house in Acworth last week to deliver a box of pops and a Puddles serenade (all from a safe distance, of course). Check out the whole unedited video below: 


It was one of our favorite UMOHs to date. 

A huge thank you to Puddles and to photographer Patrick Kolts for jumping on board. And to Ben, Katie, and the kiddos: happy birthday! 🌈


KOP Puddles Bday Surprise