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Callie MurrayJul 27, 2020 1:53:19 PM1 min read

Pop-drops for Healthcare heroes

As the world turned upside down in March so suddenly, we found ourselves trying to find our best role in the midst of the chaos. How could we best serve our customers when our usual methods of getting them pops had disappeared? How could we help our hurting community? 

We were low on cash, but we were rich in pops, and we knew those pops translated to Unexpected Moments of Happiness (UMOHs), which were in high demand. 


We decided we could invite folks to donate towards a fund to help us give pops to healthcare heroes who were working long and stressful hours in such an unknown situation. 

We quickly put together a GoFundMe page, and we were blown away by the generosity we received. We raised $15,000 from customers and do-gooders near and far, and our new friends at The Mabra Firm donated a $15,000 matching gift to get us to the $30k finish line. 


We were able to donate thousands and thousands of pops to essential workers across the Southeast, and the UMOHs were good for all of our souls. 

King of Pops GoFundMe



Read more about our pop-drops here and here. We all need more good like this!