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Steven CarseAug 30, 2018 1:49:31 PM1 min read

Finding your Company's Purpose: Complicating the Uncomplicated

I've found that trying to identify a company's purpose is one of the easiest ways to induce a headache.

Eventually something will sound good, but after a few minutes of introspection - it starts to feel too contrived, or too cute, or too pie in the sky.

It's as if our lives are flashing before our collective eyes, and if we say the wrong words, we will be stuck fulfilling and unfulfilling purpose for 60+ hours a week.

As a result, oftentimes we put it off or don't make one at all.

Consider this your virtual Chill Pill:

  1. It's not that serious.
  2. Nobody will think about it this hard again.
  3. If it ends up truly being terrible you CAN change it.

Our purpose at King of Pops is to Create Unexpected Moments of Happiness. When we first landed on this, I was terrified.

Dance_breakAlmost three years in, it is now mentioned in the majority of our external meetings and quite a few internal ones as well. We still haven't figured out how to track it, who it's for, or really what it means.

Shit, sometimes we talk about whether the moment of happiness was unexpected or expected. "Does that count?!"

Even so, landing on THIS purpose was perhaps the best decision our company has ever made.

It'll never feel 100% right, it will create more questions than answers, and it'll never be done.

Headaches aside, I think that's the point.



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