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Ali MillsJun 28, 2018 1:00:00 PM2 min read

How a Field Trip at Your Office Can Be Good For the Kids, and for You

Who can remember the excitement of going on a field trip as a kid? Not only did you get out of school for a couple hours, but you had the opportunity to learn something beyond the textbook.

 Here at King of Pops, we run a program called Little Kings. It began by going to a local pre-school and talking about all of the delicious ingredients that go into our pops. What a treat for the youngsters to learn about the life of a pop and then indulging in a pop at the end of the presentation! 

IMG_9187From there, the program grew into a variety of subjects and age groups. In the past 3 years, we’ve traveled to schools all over the Southeast to present information about all aspects of our company - keeping pops frozen, the farm to pop journey, food systems, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders. The list goes on. As long as we have a curriculum guide, we can construct a presentation that aligns.

What’s more is that we also hold tours of our facility for students or campers to come by and see the process in action. For students, it’s a chance to learn about a local business, see pops being prepped and poured, and witness all of the steps it takes to get them out the door in our signature push carts. Kids love guessing how many pops fit in a cart, how long it takes for a pop to freeze, and feeling the temp of our industrial freezers. 

While it’s a treat for students and teachers alike, it’s also a treat for me, because I get to use my education background to plan and execute programs for kids and adolescents. When I moved out of the education field into the world of pops, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to practice my passion of teaching.


But here I am, running a program that can be catered to all ages and subjects in a creative, low-stakes environment. Plus, everyone loves eating a pop at the end! How lucky am I to work at a company that not only encourages people to follow their passions, but allows us to create outlets for our own interests. No one told me to keep running this program; I just say yes to anyone who asks and make it a priority to design the best field trip possible.

 It’s a fun reminder that there’s always more to do than just sell pops - it’s about making a difference in our communities, one pop at a time.

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Ali Mills

AKA Office Queen. Ali is our Customer Experience Manager, which includes booking catering events and making sure that KoP customers are all happy! She enjoys helping to make sure the toner never gets low, talking to customers, and trying to know every answer to any pop-related question possible. She began as a slinger in 2015 and now you can hear her voice on the KoP voicemail. What a rush!