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Dani MaskeryJul 23, 2018 11:00:00 AM2 min read

People love Pets : Ways to enjoy them in your Office

 It is with 98.9% certainty that I can say that all people like animals. If you are in that 1.1% then I am just going to assume it is for medical reasons. Having a pet is great! There are many studies that can show pets can lower stress levels, provide solid companionship, and bring happiness to people’s lives.

While most pets exist in the home it has become a rising trend to bring pets into the office. Whether they just come by for a visit, stay for the day, or it’s a permanent office mascot, there can be many benefits of each.

 Having a pet, like a brand new puppy, stop by the office can provide a well warranted break from computer screens and all the hard or mundane work of the day. Just a few minutes of snuggles, face licks, and soaking in the cuteness can provide a rush of happiness, recharge the spirit, and then can return back to work with lots of smiles.

 Some offices will let employees bring in their furry friends to hang out for the day. This can provide some great benefits to those who can tend to work long days, such as not having to rush home to walk the dog or spend a lot of money on doggie day cares. This lets the employee spend more time finishing that important project.

It can give the employee peace of mind knowing that you pup isn’t locked up at home all day and the other employees and the pup or kitty can enjoy the loving attention they get from each other.

Sailot_pups-1Then there are those offices that have more residential pets. This can be more that just having an office dog. Cats can be great office animals too. Most of the time they will just lay around and sleep giving a home like feeling to an office space. Sometimes they will do silly things like lay right on top of a laptop or play with the strings hanging off a bag, and this provides loads of giggles. There are also some even lower maintenance pet options like fish, lizards, and maybe even a snake. These can just give a nice break by having something to feed and check in on to see what they are up to every once in awhile, but are less work and don’t roam.

Here at King of Pops we love all the animals, but unfortunately working in a Pop factory we are not allowed to have furry friends in the office :( So we have a Beta fish. His name is Rufus and though he isn’t a pup we love him just the same.

 If you have pups that come to hang out in your office we have just the thing you need. Our King of Pups frozen dog treats are made just 4 all natural ingredients: bananas, yogurt, peanut butter, and honey. ‘Cause Pups love Pops too! Click below to order some some for your office!

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