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Steven CarseMay 4, 2020 3:52:30 PM1 min read

We Got UMOHed

This was officially the best meeting with a lawyer I've ever had (sorry Larry 🤭😂). Even so, it was pretty strange.

It was someone that we'd never met bringing us a $15,000 check.

I wanted to show him our gratitude for his generosity, but from 6 feet away wearing the appropriate Covid-19, gear my emotions were "masked", if you will. 

Our typically vibrant HQ is operating somewhere between ghost town and vacant movie set, so showing him around was a bit anti-climactic. 

Even so, I'll certainly never forget it. Ronnie showed up with 100ish masks - some for our delivery drivers and others for the healthcare workers we are teaming up to support.

He wore the colorful/hip suit of a successful young lawyer, but I'll be honest: his disposition did not match. He was friendly and sweet. He asked questions with enthusiasm and the accent of a Georgia native.

We asked him what led him to donate, and here's what he said:

“My wife is in medical school and when the COVID19 crises hit she was working at Grady Hospital.  The bravery of font-line medical workers touched she and I deeply.  We wanted to do something – albeit small – to put a smile on their faces.  When we came upon the King of Pop’s Unexpected Moments of Happiness campaign to deliver 10,000 popsicles to frontline COVID workers – it was a no brainer.  We hope these delicious pops brought some enjoyment to those working to keep us all safe.”

We agreed we'd meet up on the other side and try to come up with some new ways to work together. I'm so grateful for The Mabra Firm's generosity and also for the opportunity to meet and interact with people in a new way during this time. 

There is no doubt that what's going on across the globe is terrible, but don't miss the bits of beauty that are sprinkled throughout. They will never exist in quite the same way again.

(A big thanks to photographer and new friend Patrick Kolts for capturing this moment).