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Ali MillsMay 15, 2018 1:36:16 PM1 min read

Trickle Down Kindness

When most people think of ‘customer service’ they consider how an employee may treat a potential paying customer. In a retail setting, perhaps that involves guests being greeted upon entering a store and thanked when they leave. In a corporate environment, maybe customer service involves active listening and handling complaints.

 But what if we decided to treat all of our coworkers with the same attitude we treat customers? 

 Here at King of Pops, we have begun practicing Servant Leadership or as we call it, “Trickle Down Kindness.” The basic idea is that if we treat our coworkers with the same respect we treat a potential customer, it not only creates a super pleasant work environment, but it also eases the transition from chatting with a colleague to answering customer questions.

Rather than only acknowledging customers, we now practice the 10/4 rule within the office and warehouse as well. It’s a basic rule that if we’re within 10 feet of someone, we make eye contact or wave; and if we’re within 4 feet we verbally address the other person. We’ve also all made a better effort to learn everyone’s names (which can be difficult in a seasonal business) and we practice GVO (good vibes only).

 The easiest way to execute Trickle Down Kindness is to remember that moods are contagious! We like to say “It Starts With Us” - if we treat each other with respect, kindness, and genuine interest, it’s no sweat making sure our customers are also happy!


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Ali Mills

AKA Office Queen. Ali is our Customer Experience Manager, which includes booking catering events and making sure that KoP customers are all happy! She enjoys helping to make sure the toner never gets low, talking to customers, and trying to know every answer to any pop-related question possible. She began as a slinger in 2015 and now you can hear her voice on the KoP voicemail. What a rush!